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Okay, here’s my first entry for Pools & Toddlers Month:

Mini-Tutorial: Building a Toddler-Pool

1. Define the space of your pool with floor tiles

2. Fill the cutout with the Nile terrain paint

3. Add some railing, but make sure you use one that Sims can route through.

4. Add waterworks from the fountains category. They’re also walk-through, so don’t worry about the footprint (and you can be far more creative than I was here :)

5. Open ‘buydebug’ (or purchase a toychest) and place some water-related toys in the pool.

6. Enjoy!

Sunday, 5 October 2014

Tutorial - Changing the function of an object


Tutorial: How to change the function of a library bookshelf and create a default replacement version that displays skill books for the library. For the non default replacement version go here.

Need: s3oc Cloner and s3pe Package Editor

  1. Install both programs following the instructions…

Tutorial - Changing the function of an object - Extras


In my last tutorial we created a default replacement version of the library bookshelf that displays skill books. To create a non default replacement version is just as easy. Follow along on the other tutorial because we change just a few steps.

Need: s3oc Cloner and s3pe Package…

Wednesday, 1 October 2014

Reclaim Your Catalog! Sorting CC for a Functional Game


There are many other guides with tips and tutorials to help you with this process, but after stumbling my way through this and wasting hours upon hours doing tedious things I only had to redo later, I thought I’d write up my process.

1. desire to have an object catalog free of poorly-categorized CC and a lovely set of collections folders to give all your odds-and-ends a home of their own
2. ability to convert sims3packs to packages (you do not need to install your CC as packages, but you do need to be able to extract the OBJD file from its package to be able to create an override mod and use my fast-track trick for creating collections files)
3. Ability to use S3PE; familiarity with objd override mods (updated: see also, here )
4. CCMagic is helpful but not required 

What am I rambling on about?
1. How to pre-sort your CC objects to make this easy
2 and 3. Creating an objd-override mod to HIDE your objects from the normal catalog and using that same mod to speedily make a collection file of those same objects

The short story: All you need to create collection files in CCMagic is a single package file with all the OBJDs of the objects you want in that collections file all grouped together.  They can already be reclassified to hide your objects for use as an objects mod.  You can include your extracted Base Game, Ep and SP objds for adding them to the collections as well.  Just make sure you are importing these OBJDs into a CCMagic set up that doesn’t already have these OBJDs installed, and remember to delete these packages before running a game off of that CCMagic set up (hence, a fresh folder is the easiest way to go).  

For further discussion of this process and tips about sorting and reclassifying…

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Monday, 29 September 2014


This is how I hide resort towers. The building right next to it will house a lounge-y type area, art gallery, and night club/bar. Idk it’s still a work in progress!

Monday, 15 September 2014

Long babble about my game


I first wanted to answer your comments and concerns about my game, but it turned into a long babble about how I kept it rather healthy for so long (maybe there’s few tips that can be useful?), and the problems I’m meeting now.Replies to your lovely comments will follow in another post. That one was already WAY TOO LONG!

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I really like putting things in windows. 

But the resizer was always making my objects short and squished. 

UNTIL I used the resizer and the omsp at the same time.

Here you can get the omsp

Here you can get the resizer

The Florida windows are Here by gelina

You don’t have to use it just for windows of course.  I just like the way using the two things together made perfect minatures.

I’m sure everyone knew this already.  I’m always the last one to figure things out.  lol!  

Aikea Guinea has passed along some further information HERE  

You could try rotating first before adding the omsp


Just FYI!  You don’t need to multi-layer OMSPs to fix distortions!  

If placing your item on a reszing OMSP causes the mesh to get distorted, simply rotate the item on the OMSP and it will snap back to a perfectly resized version of the original.  :D

Sunday, 14 September 2014

So, dorktasticsoul asked me about some tips for making ts4’s cc. Just because I suck at tutorials, i tried to find some on the internet. Here’s a list of tutorials/tips/sites where you can find the bases for making cc. It’s not much but if you start from zero, this can help you.
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So, dorktasticsoul asked me about some tips for making ts4’s cc.
Just because I suck at tutorials, i tried to find some on the internet. Here’s a list of tutorials/tips/sites where you can find the bases for making cc. It’s not much but if you start from zero, this can help you.

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The Sims 4 Tutorial: Deleting Cache Files



You may have noticed that the more you play The Sims 4, the longer your loading screens will last.

This issue is caused by Cache Files collecting as you progress through the game. These files serve it’s purpose as a faster way of loading in-game thumbnails (such as families, houses etc.) and they are created each time you load something ”new”.

As you add more custom content and mods for the game,…

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Wednesday, 25 June 2014
Monday, 23 June 2014

A tip for Sims 2 & Sims 3


Hi sweeties

For those of you that doesn’t know this tip already here is the thing if you have trouble running your game because of too much cc.

This is for both games.

All you have to do is rename your Sims 2/Sims 3 folder from My Documents/Ea Games or Electronic Arts that is for Sims 3 and…


I noticed fraps was being chatted about on my dash yesterday and decided to do a little testing. I’m not the best at taking pictures, but I thought I would test fraps out and compare the two. The pictures are not edited except to add the text. The no fraps version is a .jpg file and with fraps version is a .png file. Hmmm 

Sunday, 22 June 2014

Photoshop; Quick TUT


Someone asked, so, anyway, this is pretty basic, but it’s one of those things I had to figure out for myself because every tut I found made it obscenely complicated for no reason.

So here’s, or at least to my knowledge, the quickest way to add Frames and Black Bars to your pics. :)


I use CS6.

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