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Though I’d explain how to include a DT in your world file.It’s as simple as opening the world file with s3pe and importing your DT package.Close s3pe, export world and its done. You can share your worlds on the exchange with a custom distant terrain this way! :D


Though I’d explain how to include a DT in your world file.

It’s as simple as opening the world file with s3pe and importing your DT package.

Close s3pe, export world and its done. You can share your worlds on the exchange with a custom distant terrain this way! :D

Tuesday, 1 April 2014


Plum Green Victorian - made for yaaasxonemil 

Watch the Speed Build HERE!

20x20 | 3 Bdrm | 3 Bth | CC: Door (install as package)
Download: package | s3p | exchange

If you use it or change things, please tag me tiptoesims so I can see ;)

Monday, 31 March 2014


Classic Liz - made for lizsims3

Watch the Speed Build Here!
- turn the volume down, i’m super loud in this-whoa!

Base Game + 2 objects from Generations & Pets | No CC | 40 x 50
Download: package | s3p | exchange

If you use it or change anything, be sure to tag me tiptoesims so I can see :)


Hey guys, so I made this tutorial for newbie simmers. In the tutorial I will show you how to convert .sims3pack files to .package files step by step.

Please watch in HD version. :)


Graphic Card Update


Just a little FYI for when you have a graphics card update. The game sees this as a new device and deletes your previous settings. Found a tutorial of sorts over at Carl’s Guide.

  • before the update make sure you have a COPY of the file “options.ini” which is in your Documents\The Sims 3…

Caw Version Capability Error Fix Tutorial


This fix is for the Creat a World Capability Error “Current version… does not match.”

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Sunday, 30 March 2014

Tutorial Part 01 - “Converting meshes”



I was asked lately how I convert objects from TS2 to TS3, so here is a simple and fast little tutorial.

Don’t forget that this is just the simple way you can convert meshes for sims 3. I won’t go in real detail, so this is something for people who want to convert just for their own use or for people who are interested in converting and just wanted to know how to do it or which programs are helpful.

For those who real want to learn how convert objects
It’s a lot of work and you have to learn meshing first or at least the basics of it.

Please use this tutorial as a little guide and don’t convert stuff like assembly-line work without knowing what you are doing in the end… it’s not good for you and really awful for other simmers which will use your conversions!

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Changing the Backgrounds of a Sim’s Studio Portrait: The Lazy Man Edition.




Usually I don’t do editing to this extent; I prefer getting everything nicely set up in game before bringing the screen shot to Lightroom to edit it. However, sometimes you just wanna use a different background you found off the internet and making a huge painting for that one background just isn’t feasible, so here’s a lazy man’s way of changing the background via Photoshop.

Disclaimer: For this technique, I’d recommend you use a hair that doesn’t have that many loose strands all over the place to save yourself the trouble. Also, I have no idea how the controls work in GIMP or any other editing program besides Photoshop.

Well, the actual tutorial is under the cut so let’s go!

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Saturday, 29 March 2014


So I think I’ve been doing this long enough to have figured out some shortcuts and better ways of doing things. The rough model of this chair I managed to do in maybe less than half an hour in only a handful of steps: trace (lol, hi i’m five years old), extrude, intrude, extrude, mirror, repeat for the seat.

Mapping on the other hand, still a pain in the ass.

Friday, 28 March 2014

How to correct imperfections of your screenshot


Editing tutorial by Bartlby182


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Mini tutorial on creating shapes from images in Wings 3D


For m0xxa, and anyone else who wants to know how I “trace” things in Wings 3D. Kind of a rough tutorial. Let me know if it’s not clear enough. I sort of just slapped it together hastily.

**I should add, this is meant for anyone who’s already familiar with Wings.

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Not really a tutorial, but just an overview of my favorite thing in Wings 3D, the “intrude” command. Basically, any face(s) selected cave in and conform to the shape of the unselected faces, creating sort of a shell or hollow shape. A really efficient time-saver if you’re familiar with Wings, and just something fun to play with especially with unusual shapes like the chair in the last row.


Let’s Build Episode 1 has arrived!

I ramble, just warning you. Also this will be a part 1 of many for this house as there is no way even at x8 we’ll get that far through in 10 minutes.

I promised a video though and here one is

Lifts the lid off the silver platter to reveal a video

I just recently figured out a way to bypass adfly links. Its pretty quick and useful for those who don’t want to bother with ad-fly and its issues. I made a quick (and shoddy) tutorial explaining how it works. 

Here’s the link to the site!

Thursday, 27 March 2014



Back when I was in school for graphic design and I tutored people, a lot of people complained about not being able to afford software (because it is ridic expensive). Autodesk offers free software (with a 36 month license key), to ANY students. Want to learn how to animate? Go grab Maya and learn! Wanna learn how to model characters or just general objects? Go grab 3DS Max! Or maybe sculpting is your thing? Go grab Mudbox and have fun! Or grab Sculptris. There’s a fuckton of programs to mess with and learn things, and no need to go waste time on a torrent. 

The only downside to the license is it’s not for commercial use. Technically you don’t have to be a student either and really who’s gonna know but it’s a great way to practice and learn something new! You are still allowed to showoff your stuff and throw it in your portfolio, so maybe one day you can get that animating job and not have to waste 3k on one program.

All those icons in that third photo? Those are all free programs/apps you can get. They’re all full versions, and come with tutorials from basic to advanced stuff. For both Windows and Mac too. 

So go sign up and, go grab some stuff. There’s really no reason not to.

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