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Dronningslund’s most prominent countryside road Hyrdebakken has been extended with two blank lots ready for building, and the premade farm has been furnished and finished.

I’m starting to see the end of this project! :))


Little update,

I expanded the easternmost part of town with a row of houses.

The blue house will belongs to Hans Kierkegaard in the save-file and the orange to the Schlegels.

Download Bridgewood 1.0


The final design of Bridgewood. Not currently populated but the world has been redesigned since the beta which has allowed me to add sims in future.

Requires only the base game patched to 1.63

Please make sure to remove the Bridgewood Beta and DBC.package if you have them installed as the new DBC file will overwrite the original. If you prefer the original design of the world then don’t install this version.

All CC is made by me specifically for this world.

Enjoy! :D



Current status on the city!

Most lots that I planned to build on are filled up, though many are still very much in process.
I’d really like to at least get the beta out soon :)


A bit more of random Dronningslund builds. I keep building and changing a little bit on every lot, so it’s kind of hard to share the progress…

Hope you enjoy!


More random pictures - this time of the harbour bath/publich pool, and a random picture of a bike that has fallen in the canal (in front of the dive bar, hehe)


Dronningslund lots that I’ve been working on. I have a bad habit of working on many at once so I can switch when I get bored of one…

Some lots are very WIP, but feel free to send constructive criticism my way!

Lot designation are in the captions,


Dronningslund’s gym’s interiors, and a peek of some of the new premades.


This is in honour of the Roman festival lot I just lost because I forgot to save…

Pictured is the fall festival/the Ludi Romani, with a podium for the princeps, a theater stage, harvest stands and sporting activities.

Boohoo :(


(unfinished) redstone apartment buildings.

Will be overlooking both the harbour, canals and castle once done :)

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