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House I’m currently working on, still a WIP but this is the first house I’ve made and actually liked.


Leg-Up Stables, my 1100 follower gift. :)

I know I’m not a creator, but I hope this will do. I needed a stable in my game, so I figured I’d just throw it up for download anyway. (:

There aren’t very many scenery pictures, cause I couldn’t fit them. But if you want to have an idea of what the scenery looks like from around the property, I’ve been using it for my photos lately. So just look at those, I guess. xD

Anyway, to the stuff that matters! :)

Lot Size: 64X64
Bedrooms: 3 + office
Bathrooms: 1 1/2 
Barn which includes 6 stalls
Jumping & Dressage arena
Round Pen

I have all EP’s and I didn’t use anything from my SP’s, but the only one I have is Outdoor Stuff.
Obviously you’ll need pets.

This lot is CC HEAVY. I tried to keep the cc to a minimum, but since I’m also using this lot in my own game, I got a bit carried away… just don’t download it if you don’t like cc. xD 

You’ll need OMS But that’s the only thing I can think that you’ll really need that I don’t think is included in the file.

Do whatever you’d like with this lovely home, just don’t upload anywhere else. If you upload to pay sites you’re a twat and a half.

If you use it, feel free to just tag “majesticplumbobs” I follow it, so I’ll see your stuff. (:

Thanks for following me, I love you, and all that jazzz. :D



And finally i’m uploading a house:


Lot info:

It’s a small (20х15) starter house(37,000 $- very modest) which looks great* in every southern town. All the cc i used is included in the download.


Gardenbreeze - slipcovered sofa

Murano@TSR- doors and windows

Angela@TSR- kitchen

Wondymoon - bed

Sasilia -toilet

Shino&KCR- bedding and pillows

Cyclonesue- arch

*I have all expansion packs.

Oh, and if there are any problems, please let me know.

And forgot to add, Happy Easter everyone!


Interiors are nearly finished, I’ve been working on other projects like my collab with sims3time and things like that but this house is nearly done!


Final push now, fully decorated I’m just taking pictures and noting down what CC I’ve used. It will be ready soon my pretties! *cackles maniacally*


My gosh, I love small houses but I hate taking pictures in small houses :( But I’m happy with the result :D

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