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Sims fan since TS1 and Sim City :)

FYI I am terrible at replying to messages, sorry.


A reminder for those of you who need Halloween Simspiration and Halloween Downloads, the tags are as so «


Karaoke Boardwalk
A karaoke lounge, dive bar & hangout. Preview 1 | 2
For best placement, create an empty lot with 1st block matching flat and arrows pointing to the land. Place on a steep cliff close to water. Enjoy!

Requires EP: Island Paradise, University, World Adventure, Pets, Town Life, Showtime EP, EA store furniture & premium items (For restaurant objects and grill to function)
CC Not included: Tokyo Window Set 1&2 | NoirDarkSims  Fixed Lights | Simplestudio404  | sims3cc build/door/ceiling

[ Download ] .package (Install to Library folder)
[ Download ] .sims3pack


I did this lot for the Tiny Home Challenge at Facebook Sims 3 Forum.  Hope you will like it!  ❁´◡`❁

DOWNLOAD and More Pictures - Please visit my blog.  Thank you!   ✿◠‿◠


-Corner Pub-

  • Lot: Community - Hangout
  • Size: 15x10

»Download«  MF - BOX

>Note: If your sim can’t use the bakery stove cause no move, just go to buy mode -> clone new and del the old one!


  • Put “[142] Corner Pub package” file to My documents/ Electronic Arts/ The Sims 3/ Library
  • Almost file I use is package and few sims3pack: Included in zip file!

»CC Not included:

»Thanks to all creators: Noir and Dark SimsSimpleStudio404Simnaru, TS3 store, ATS3CashcraftCyclonesueMutskeSimcrediblePocci, Eight/Three’s Atelier, SimpaiiCamille, …v…v…. and me :D

                                            Thank you




1500 Followers Gift - Brynmar

Like Brightwater, I had not planned to share Brynmar, at the beginning. But I wanted something to thahks you all for following me, and I know that it could please you to play in Brynmar ! ;)

I can’t give you my version of the world, because I only use decrapified Store content. I knows it’s not a problem for most of you, but I also know that many people download without looking at the warnings (like with Brightwater). I simply don’t want my ask box to be flooded again ;p

It might be a little different from the pictures that I have shared in previous months, but I hope you will like it.

You can use the tag Brynmar, to share pictures with me ;D

  • Expansion pack used : All of them ! But the Stuff Pack are not needed.
  • No Store content or cp needed.
  • No custom weather included. I recommend using those of brntwaffles 
  • The world contains a lot of spawners, and you should have no routing issue.
  • It’s an empty world, with terrains of any size.

Download - Mediafire

If you want to edit one of my creations and share it, or use it as a base, please just ask. Don’t re-upload my content and claim it as your own !


The DE STIJL GYM for Oxbay

"The De Stijl Gym boasts a fantastic array of facilities to let your sim get any sort of workout they desire. We literally have it all (well, apart from a pool)! Climbing walls, an aerobics room, gymnastics area, martial arts room, a yoga deck, boxing ring and all the standard exercise machines. Head down to the 100% Healthy Café to grab a bite to eat. Let off some steam in the courtyard on our table tennis table, or get some well deserved relaxation in our rec room.”

Lot Information

  • Size: 30x24
  • Furnishing: Furnished
  • More Pictures + Floorplans:  x x x x x 

Required Content

  • SPs: OL
  • Patch Level: 1.67
  • CC: Included
  • Store Item: Climbing Wall (not included)

Terms of Use

DOWNLOAD | .package

Install into your Library folder. Please feel free to tag me in your pictures etc. I love seeing what you guys do with my lots! More information is also available in the readme file.


Just a few more pics from the spring festival before I start decorating the summer festival XP

Reclaim Your Catalog! Sorting CC for a Functional Game


There are many other guides with tips and tutorials to help you with this process, but after stumbling my way through this and wasting hours upon hours doing tedious things I only had to redo later, I thought I’d write up my process.

1. desire to have an object catalog free of poorly-categorized CC and a lovely set of collections folders to give all your odds-and-ends a home of their own
2. ability to convert sims3packs to packages (you do not need to install your CC as packages, but you do need to be able to extract the OBJD file from its package to be able to create an override mod and use my fast-track trick for creating collections files)
3. Ability to use S3PE; familiarity with objd override mods (updated: see also, here )
4. CCMagic is helpful but not required 

What am I rambling on about?
1. How to pre-sort your CC objects to make this easy
2 and 3. Creating an objd-override mod to HIDE your objects from the normal catalog and using that same mod to speedily make a collection file of those same objects

The short story: All you need to create collection files in CCMagic is a single package file with all the OBJDs of the objects you want in that collections file all grouped together.  They can already be reclassified to hide your objects for use as an objects mod.  You can include your extracted Base Game, Ep and SP objds for adding them to the collections as well.  Just make sure you are importing these OBJDs into a CCMagic set up that doesn’t already have these OBJDs installed, and remember to delete these packages before running a game off of that CCMagic set up (hence, a fresh folder is the easiest way to go).  

For further discussion of this process and tips about sorting and reclassifying…

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